US, Saudis, Israelis promoted rise of ISLAMIC STATE!

23 05 2015

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What is now called ISIS — highly organized and committed radical Islamic warriors now rampaging throughout the Levant — was just a few years ago being encouraged and promoted by the US along with Saudi Arabia and Israel.  The Jewish State of course has been trying to mask it’s involvement at the insistence of both Washington and Riyadh as well as for its own self-interest.  The same neo-con forces that led the charge into Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 — their knowledge and involvement in that “New Pearl Harbor” still mysterious and unacknowledged — have been behind this further pillage and fragmentation of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Having set the Middle East on fire, having violently brought down regimes in Baghdad, Kabul, and elsewhere in the region, having undermined the Arab Spring, the U.S. and its main allies — the Israelis and the Saudis — was determined to bring down the Baath regime in Damascus, then Hezbollah in Lebanon, and then to have the stage set for dealing with isolated and surrounded Iran once and for all.

That was the situation just a few years ago as Assad in Damascus was being successfully supported by both the Iranians and the Russians.  This was the situation that caused encouragement and support for far more radical Islamic forces that it was thought could do the dirty bloody work for the Americans and their allies, and then be co-opted, controlled, or themselves destroyed.

Thus the origins and rise of ISIS which the Americans and their friends have now lost control over much as was the case in years past with the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah as a result primarily of US and Israeli policies in the not so distant past.

See recently declassified court-ordered Pentagon and CIA documents – MiddleEast.Org and