ISRAEL-SAUDI ALLIANCE against IRAN to jointly control region

5 06 2015

The Israelis and Saudis have been holding covert secret meetings on many matters, including the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria, and a kind of joint control of the region, for many years.    But starting last year these meetings, at least five at the most senior levels and many at lower levels, have taken on an urgent, even feverish, dimension about IRAN.   Each for their own reasons is determined to keep Iran isolated, surrounded, sanctioned, and in the cross-hairs.    Each has tried in the past to get the U.S. to attack Iran and bring down the regime, fulfilling the long-term U.S. Neo-con Zionist plot begun before 9/11 implemented since.

It’s nothing less now than a de facto Israel-Saudi Alliance including joint military planning for war with Iran.  And though the current American President himself is not on board, many in the Congress, the media, the think-tanks, and the vast American military-industrial complex are.

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