BDS has Israel Worried!

6 06 2015

“We will recruit the world’s Jews and lovers of Israel and boycott those who boycott us,” declared Ayelet Shaked, the new right-wing justice minister. “We will boycott the boycotters.

BDS deserves a great deal of credit.  It started about ten years ago with a call from Palestinian intellectuals.   Since then it has taken hold on US and European campuses and in some churches and civic groups.

Actually it started back at the time of the first Palestinian Intifada in 1988 with an organization known as The Jewish Committee on the Middle East – — but that’s another story.

The top Jewish Zionist billionaires in the U.S. — Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, one Bibi’s financier and leading Neocon Republican, the other leading money-man of the Democrats — are teaming up this weekend with other super wealthy Jews all rushing to Las Vegas to create a new organizations to counter the BDS organizations.  That’s the biggest sign yet that BDS is not only a success but on a political roll!