15 06 2015

One of the biggest super money-men for the Clintons and the Democratic Party is super Zionist, super dual Israel citizen, mega billionaire, Haim Saban.  As the second picture below illustrates, Hillary and Haim go way back to her husband’s Presidency when among so many other payoffs Bill made his wife a U.N. Representative.   Then after 9/11 Saban essentially bought the Democratic Party’s think-tank setting up his Saban Center right inside Brookings to lobby for Israel.  And then a few years later he started the yearly Saban Forum to further propagandize for Israel and to which the Clinton’s always have provided their prestige and influence.  Talk about the uber corruption of money, politics, and foreign policy!!

Read today at WashReport and MiddleEast.Org all about Haim Saban.

Oops…almost forgot…     When Hillary was recently out in L.A., the biggest and very private fund-raiser was held at Haim Saban’s home!

Let me also mention that when Obama goes back to Chicago, where he got his start in politics, the biggest private fund-raiser is usually held at the home of another super Zionist family, the Klutznicks and Saltzmans.  Betty-Lou Saltzman has for a long time been one of his top fund-raisers and her brother Jim Klutznick is Chairman of Americans for Peace Now, another of the organizations associated with the Dem Party, J Street, and Saban.   Another top money woman from Chicago to whom Obama owes his Presidency is another super Zionist, Penny Pritzker, whom Obama has made Secretary of Commerce.

hillary clinton at saban driving in neutral hillary clinton explains ...        HAIM <b>SABAN</b>, <b>HILLARY</b> AND CHERYL

Hillary Clinton speaks at the Saban Forum in Washington on December 5 ...