26 06 2015

On the one hand the Pope is so right calling for a revolution against climate warming, itself the result of the industrial revolution and the narcissistic greed built into so much of our “modern-day” capitalistic economic and social orders.  The planet itself has been indeed been made filthy, and in spiritual-values-lifestyle ways beyond the pollution kind!

But when it comes to severe overpopulation that has also taken place in recent times the Pope can’t quite bring himself to take on his Church’s out-dated (the most generous term) sexual teachings.   No abortions, no pills, no condoms, no recreational protected sex — here the first Jesuit Pope can’t quite bring himself to go beyond his admonition not to breed “like rabbits”.   The Pope’s church is locked into a sexual ideology that also needs major updating!   The fact that so many Catholics lead such different lives than what the Church preaches, and that so many priests deviate so badly in their own private hidden lives, should also be a giant wake-up call that something at the core is wrong.

A large part of humanities problem is that the population explosion of “modern” times is increasingly straining the planet’s resources and greatly exacerbating the global warming dangers.  For his next encyclical the Pope should look inward to updating and modernizing Catholicism, also badly in need of a revolution in thinking!