Gaza War Anniversary…and Obama’s double-talk

31 07 2015

It was a year ago the Israelis were bombing Gaza and killing thousands of largely defenseless imprisoned Palestinians more than ever….all with US weapons and support…all despite Obama’s double-dealings and forked tongue when it comes to Israel.  After all, the reality is that this is the President who has super-armed Israel more than any before him.  And now Obama is offering the Israelis still more arms – in larger quantities and quality than provided to any other country in the Middle East.   This for a country whose huge military arsenal and capabilities are already greater than that of all the Arab countries combined!    And uniquely when it comes to Israel it is the American taxpayer paying!  Furthermore Obama’s former White House Middle East adviser  — having returned to his long-time career job at the Israeli/Jewish Lobby —  is now very publicly telling Obama he must give the Israelis B-52 bombers so they will be able to deliver the most massive just created bunker-busting bombs on Iran.


Hillary’s Scandals – New and Old

29 07 2015

They may be old but they are being reborn.  But before the old…the new.  Two months of critical Hillary emails at the time of Benghazi and Huma’s sweetheart deal  are all missing….hmmmmm.    Now what’s coming at Hillary from the past:

Kathleen Wiley, one of the women husband Bill kept sex harassing in the Oval Office, is back with a new website devoted to getting back at the Clintons: A Scandal A Day.

Linda Trip, Monica’s confidant who played a major role in getting Pres Clinton impeached is also back, loudly attacking Hillary as unfit for the Presidency because of the role she played covering everything up for husband Bill.

And Hillary’s two law partners — both of whom she was intimately involved with — are also coming back, one from the grave.   Rumors about Webster Hubbell being daughter Chelsea’s real father are now out there, and rumors that Vince Foster, then White House counsel in 1993, didn’t just drive off one day and shoot himself in a park near the CIA can be expected to have a new life as well.   Foster’s death may have in fact been suicide brought on by depression, but with so much now swirling around Hillary this episode of her life is not dead.  Foster wrote at the time:  “I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport.”

Military and CIA rule USA

28 07 2015

A caricature by Carlos Latuf, one of Israel's greatest detractors.

Jeffrey Sachs, well known and well respected Professor at Columbia University, has written an amazingly succinct and critically important article not just about the Iran agreement but about how the CIA and Pentagon usually determine U.S. policies, even when Presidents want otherwise.  It’s featured today at the top of  But Sachs only in passing mentions Israeli nukes while totally disregarding Israel’s major role in creating, stoking, and using the warmongers.  And he doesn’t even mention at all the critical role of the Jewish Lobby on Capitol Hill and of the considerable influence of the Zionist neocons in American media and politics.    and

America Seen From Iran

25 07 2015

Desperate Saudis closely allied with Israel and Neocons

24 07 2015

“We are talking about thousands and thousands of activist organizations and preachers who are in the Saudi sphere of influence because they are directly or indirectly funded by them.”

Key Saudis in the Royal Family and Government were implicated in funding some of those said to be responsible for 9/11.  Uncovered by the Congressional investigations and 9/11 Commission, Bush ordered all such findings classified super secret and also let hundreds of Saudis then in the U.S. to be secretly jetted away immediately after 9/11.

The Saudis have instigated and financed the military counter-coup in Egypt and the civil war in Syria, as well as directly intervened against populist forces in Bahrain and Yemen.   They have as well created a kind of de facto alliance with the Israelis as well as many of the Neocon Zionist organizations, in an increasingly desperate attempt to keep control of the region.   This includes Saudi connivance with the Israelis to get the U.S. to attack Iran and either foment a counter-revolution in Tehran or at minimum keep the country weak, sanctioned, surrounded, and under constant threat.

Throughout the Muslim world and beyond, including in the U.S., the Saudis have used their vast money to fund thousands of organizations and individuals to do their bidding.   Some publicly, like Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) and National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR), John Duke Anthony, Chas Freeman, and many media outlets.  Others more covertly for sure.

Read key articles about what the Saudis are up to today and in recent past days at MiddleEast.Org and

Another Israeli Propaganda Center in DC – This One Funded by You!

23 07 2015

It’s bad enough how the media usually overlooks that the major Middle East think-tanks in Washington who supply their talking-heads and Op Eds, not to mention what they do behind-the-scenes, are owned and controlled by various arms of the Israeli/Jewish Lobby.  They in fact compete with each other to be more pro-Israeli than the other, albeit with different political leanings on the Israeli Zionist political spectrum.

Must worse though is what has happened in recent years to one of the country’s largest and most influential think-tanks, the Woodrow Wilson Center.  It once was at least somewhat independent, years ago that is.  I should know, I was the special Middle East consultant there in the 1980s and published a book at the Center with the deputy director about U.S. policies in the Middle East.

Since those days super rich Zionist Jews have manipulated the Wilson Center to take it over on behalf of Israel.   The former Chairman of the Board of Trustees actually resigned his position on the AIPAC Board to take up that position at The Wilson Center.  He and others like him then funded a much expanded Middle East program which could have been designed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.   Then in just the past few years they maneuvered to get two of their own into the top administrative positions, super Israeli-supporter Jane Harmon as President and long-time Israeli operative Aaron David Miller as Vice-President.

But worst of all they got all of us to pay for this!    Each year the Congress — itself often referred to as Israeli occupied — allocates most of the money to run the Wilson Center.  That makes you and me and all of us the funders of this now Israeli Trojan Horse Think-Tank at the heart of the Washington political and academic scene!

The View many in the world have of the US and Israel

21 07 2015