Hillary does as her Jewish Super Zionist handlers demand

5 07 2015

Speaking at Dartmouth Friday Hillary parroted Israel’s Netanyahu calling Iran the world’s “chief sponsor of terrorism”  saying “they pose an existential threat to Israel”.    This comes just days after Hillary met with Jewish Zionist big-money tycoons and promised them she would be “better than Obama about Israel.”    And just days before that she went to super Zionist money-man Haim Saban’s home in L.A. where he brought together others like himself devoted to Israel to make it clear to Hillary they would continue to back her as long as she did what they wanted with regard to Israel and the Middle East.                         WashReport.com



5 07 2015

At this critical time both the U.S. and the Israelis are purposefully”leaking” plans to super-bomb Iran.  This on top of the leaks about how the Saudis are cooperating in the planning and agreeing to let planes fly over the Kingdom.  Probably the Jordanians and Turks are also in agreement while  the Iraqis and Syrians are no longer capable of defending their skies.  With such threats one would think Iranian “hard-liners” (or should we call them realists) will argue more than ever that “the Great Satan” and the “Zionist entity” cannot be trusted no matter what kind of agreement they make. Only military and political strength will prevent attack and regime change in Iran, as has already been achieved in many Middle East countries, and attempted in others, by the Americans and their Israeli and Saudi regional allies.

Massive Penetrator bunker buster

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