6 07 2015

In the U.S. just a few years ago the Establishment politicians bailed out the big banks and financial tycoons who brought down the economy after sucking it dry of so much ill-gotten money.  The American middle and poor class paid the price, more than ever now just a pay-check away from financial and personal disaster.

Sunday the Greek people said NO to the foreign bankers who have been draining Greece of its dignity as well as heritage and economy.    Indeed, in the past five years the Greek people themselves have benefited from less than 10% of the 240 billion euro bailout funds.   Essentially German and French commercial banks have been bailed out with Greece forced to take “emergency loans” to pay them.  And to get these loans Athens was forced to impose shattering “austerity” devastating the economy, the once middle class, and the very soul of the country.

Thus the loud NO vote against the banker nations and the neo-liberal economic imperialists. Read more about this at:

This time the Greeks are rejecting the Trojan Horse pushed on them in the form of more “help” from the European bankers.   What will the Spanish, Italians, and others now do in the months and years ahead?  Is Europe itself about to explode?

Trojan Horse