7 07 2015

Americans love to sing about their being “land of the free and home of the brave”.   It’s a kind of sentimental myth along with “manifest destiny”.  In the past at least such myths had some connection to aspects of American life.  And even today in relationship to most other countries the US is still a haven for so many.

BUT all that is dissolving now as the world goes not only global but multi-polar, and as America’s ability to control the affairs of the world through spying and black ops is being checked and copied.

Take the escalating corruption of mega money in American politics…which then trickles down into finance and media and all other aspects of American life.

In just the past 10 years, using political action committees, 501c4s, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United, and so many other things the super wealthy can do, the corruption of America has reached unprecedented levels.

In just these few years super money in politics and propaganda has multiplied 50x…that’s right 50 times!  

Literally a few dozen mega money tycoons, and after them a few hundred, maybe thousand, super money-men, have bought American politicians and institutions in such a way that the average citizen is totally overwhelmed, not to mention mentally abused and hyper confused.