BDS on a roll!

7 07 2015!/image/3542556770.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/3542556770.jpg

BDS – BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS!  When Clinton joins Adelson, Saban, and Netanyahu frontally attacking BDS it is a sign of such success for the movement!

Hillary’s out-front attacks are coming after she received her marching orders more clearly than ever from her Super Jewish Zionist money men who largely control the Democratic Party as well as the Clintons.   Saban personally has had a number of private meetings with her and held a major fund-raiser for her in L.A. a few weeks ago.   She also has recently met with select small groups of American Jewish organizational representatives as well as major contributors — all of whom have told her she must distance herself from Obama and among other things prove her loyalty to Israel by attacking and trying to undermine BDS and pushing all others to do the same.