Russia and China Right to Restrict U.S. NGOs

9 07 2015

I’ve hesitated to loudly say so, having myself been involved with many NGOs over the years, BUT the Russians and Chinese are right to monitor and restrict American NGOs for many of them are in fact connected in one way or another with the U.S. Government and used for nefarious purposes.  Most of the people who work for these NGOs don’t even know what’s going on, only the top officials are aware.   And it’s not only about where and how they get their funds; it’s also about getting direct orders to do this and that, and not to do this and that.

I had direct experience some years ago with the President and top Board Members of Mercy Corps, one of America’s premier NGOs operating through the Middle East and the world.   I went with him and a handful of key people on a fast-paced trip to 5 countries in two weeks.  At each stop I was shocked how the first thing they did in each country was run to the U.S. Embassy for a meeting with the Ambassador.  And I experienced first-hand how that meeting then determined much that they did, and did not do, while in that country..   Indeed, the U.S. government does use NGOs and their contacts to get information and carry out tasks, turning them, as it does at times business people and even journalists, into de jure quasi agents.   Those who “cooperate” are rewarded in many ways, financially and otherwise.