Israel Declares War on Obama’s New Middle East Designs

15 07 2015

The Israelis and their multiple lobbies of Zionist, Neocon, and Evangelical organizations, working in tandem with their Jewish mega-billionaires and media moguls, have wanted to either bring down the Iran regime through covert and economic means, and/or instigate war on Iran, for some time.  They will keep at it despite “the deal”.  They may even prevail.

They are now pursuing multiple strategies to these ends.  At minimum they will use political and media means to drag things out as long as possible slowing if not preventing sanction-lifting along with weapons and money flow to Iran.  They will use the election campaign to maneuvering the candidates and the media seeing what they can expect to get from the President and Administration.    At maximum they will foment another 9/11 type orgy blaming it on Iran and/or Syria or Hezbollah, and use that as the ignition excuse for the greater Middle East war they have been planning for some time.

If they get their way they will not only go after Iran’s nuclear sites…that’s really the excuse just as the non-existent WMD were the Iraq excuse  They will attempt to decapitate the Iran regime forcing the Americans to get involved like it or not!