OBAMA – Chaos, Contraditions, and Lurking Dangers

16 07 2015

Hillary is sinking.   Trump is rising.  The Neocons and Israeli-centric Jews are repositioning to take full power once again.  China and Russia are aligning, America’s Middle East is crumbling.   And the Iran deal, though it may survive with a Presidential veto of a Congressional slap down, will not stabilize the region — it may in fact lead to further its disintegration as the Israelis and Saudis increase efforts to counter Iran and allies.   Should it come to a further escalation of wars Middle Eastern into a full-fledged regional conflagration, it will be the same Obama that negotiated with Iran who at the same time super-armed both the Israelis and the Saudis seriously undermining his own stated goals and making it possible for them to defy him.