Israelis remain intent on taking down Iran

19 07 2015

The Israelis, the Neocon Zionists, the Evangelical Zionists, and the many arms of the Israeli/Jewish Lobby, all  remain intent on keeping Iran weakened and vulnerable, awaiting the moment when they can attack and/or regime change the former Persian Kingdom.  That is why they are so upset with the recently announced “deal”, not nuclear weapons which the Israelis have in abundance and no one else in the region has at all.   Oh so powerful in tandem, they will not relent because of Obama or some new upcoming Security Council resolution aiming to changing the geographical balance.

Indeed, the Israelis have at least three times come very close to pulling the trigger and attacking Iran.  They tried to do so in the last years of Bush/Cheney rule, but though Cheney was all for it Bush, fearing his own legacy, never gave the final OK.   And at least twice during the Obama years Netanyahu was all set to ignite war with Iran.   Once his own top Generals balked insisting on meeting with the full Security Cabinet and not just the Prime Minister  Another time top Pentagon officials had to race to Jerusalem telling Bibi not now yet promising him still more super arms, the very weapons in fact the Israelis still may use whether or not they have an American ok.