20 07 2015

The Islamic Republic of Iran will not give up support of its friends in the region — the oppressed people of Palestine, of Yemen, the Syrian and Iraqi governments, the oppressed people of Bahrain and sincere resistance fighters in Lebanon and Palestine… Our policy will not change with regards to the arrogant US government.”

                                                                                                            Supreme Leader Khamenei

The Iranians are by far the most educated, sophisticated, and cultured country in today’s Middle East even with the theocrats in charge — far more so than their self-proclaimed Saudi and GCC enemies.  Of course the Iranians are Persians, not Arabs, and Shia Muslims, not Sunni.  It is precisely because of their strengths and numbers that they are so feared by both Israel and the Saudis, the two main U.S. allies who have for years been trying to get the Americans to take down Iran as they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and beyond.

The original top secret post-9/11 Bush/Cheney/Israeli plan was 7 countries in 5 years.  Israel and its army of Jewish and Evangelical Zionists will not relent.  The terribly misguided Saudis are probably too committed now in their alliance with Israel, and themselves too weak and fearful despite all their money and arms purchases, to change course.   Odds of a major historic Middle East regional war (far beyond what is already taking place) now 1 in 4 (of course it’s a judgement call).   Was maybe 1 in 2 before the recent agreement.   But Israel, the Saudis, the Neocons, the Evangelicals, and their multiple lobbies and publications and special operatives, can be expected now to even further step-up massive efforts to make that closer to 1 in 1.