Gaza War Anniversary…and Obama’s double-talk

31 07 2015

It was a year ago the Israelis were bombing Gaza and killing thousands of largely defenseless imprisoned Palestinians more than ever….all with US weapons and support…all despite Obama’s double-dealings and forked tongue when it comes to Israel.  After all, the reality is that this is the President who has super-armed Israel more than any before him.  And now Obama is offering the Israelis still more arms – in larger quantities and quality than provided to any other country in the Middle East.   This for a country whose huge military arsenal and capabilities are already greater than that of all the Arab countries combined!    And uniquely when it comes to Israel it is the American taxpayer paying!  Furthermore Obama’s former White House Middle East adviser  — having returned to his long-time career job at the Israeli/Jewish Lobby —  is now very publicly telling Obama he must give the Israelis B-52 bombers so they will be able to deliver the most massive just created bunker-busting bombs on Iran.