5 08 2015

Americans for Peace Now

Earlier this year I ended a 30+ year friendship with the person who is now Chairman of American for Peace Now.   In recent years we had literally spent dozens of hours on the phone and at meetings intensely discussing the Israeli/Palestinian/Middle East issues.  In the end I painfully realized we were not really friends, but rather political as well as moral enemies — and I said as much in my final communication with him.

The issues and details are or so complicated and nuanced.  You can search my blog as well as WashReport.com and MiddleEast.org for many mentions of APN over the years.  A few of those are reproduced below.  Overall I concluded that in reality APN is a grand deception on “liberal” American Jews.  In the end APN gets its orders from the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations when its Israeli keepers are out of power, more directly from them when they are in power – think Rabin, Beilin, Peres, Livni, etc.   And in recent years Chairman Jim Klutznick has badly prostituted APN, and himself, into little more than a mouthpiece for the Obama Administration and “liberal” Zionists.  In addition to helping and supporting the despised quisling “kosher” Palestinians representing the State Dept and Abbas in the U.S., Klutznick personally has been incessantly sending out  misleading and hypocritical fund-raising appeals more than anything else designed to undermine far more courageous American Jews who boldly support BDS and suspending the billions in dollars and weapons that yearly flow to Israel.   Enough!


Americans for Peace Now

Originally published 14 11 2014       AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW (APN) has been a disaster for American Jews, misleading them for so many years and wasting so much time and effort and money doing very little other than what the Zionist handlers of the rich and purposefully naive liberal Jews who finance it want done.

If you are contributing and believing in APN the simple message is STOP NOW!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that APN is in reality a Zionist front-group masquerading as other things to whomever it can seduce.

It should also be noted that APN is a loyal member of the President’s Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, the enforcer umbrella that keeps Jewish organizations in line or ostracizes them, such as JVP and BDS groups.   APN goes along with the black-balling approach inviting only approved speakers and ostracizing all others whose voices and policies are far more important and far more dangerous to the Jewish establishment and Israel.   Same goes for J-Street, another sham organization created a few years jointly by the Democracy Party and former Mossad operatives at the time of Obama’s victory.  APN is of course closely associated with J Street


APN2Originally Published:  8 02 2013    Bottom Line:  If you are helping and supporting what is called PEACE NOW in the U.S., STOP NOW!

Quick Summary:  Years ago “liberal” Israelis feeling guilty about their treatment of the Palestinians convinced wealthy (and gullible) American Jews to send them money and assuage their own consciences in the process.   This evolved into an organization known as Americans for Peace Now (APN).

APN over the years has turned into a kind of feel good thing for wealthy and oh-so-hypocritical American Jews many of whom these days hail from Chicago and are among Barack Obama’s biggest financiers and apologists as well.

But what’s really so troubling about APN is that it has served to co-opt and divert American Jews from properly representing themselves and their own values.   Among the worst things APN has done:

*  Rather than real and independent American Jews APN has been manipulated by the Israelis so they themselves get brought to the US and funded as spokespeople for American Jews!

* APN is in bed with the worst of the quisling Palestinians in Washington, helping to legitimize them even though they are despised and shunned by their own people.

* APN continually tries to suffocate and muzzle the voices of independent American Jews who haven’t been co-opted or sold out to the Zionist organizations which APN takes such pride in supporting and being associating with.

* APN refuses any contact or debate with, and constantly works to undermine, American Jews calling on Washington to do what actually could matter, i.e., decrease  funding and arming the Israelis which makes the US so complicitous in what they do.

* APN attempts to quash and undermine the growing BDS movement (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) popular among college-age American Jews trying instead to co-opt them, just as they themselves have been so miserably co-opted by their Israeli and Zionist-organization handlers.


OBAMA’S AMERICAN JEWS – Duplicitous Hypocrites

 Originally published 28 11 2012  –   BOTTOM LINE:  Stop Supporting J Street and APN Now

The Neocon American Jews — these days associated with AIPAC, the Zionist Evangelicals, and the Imperialist Republicans — are of course the most to be shunned and despised.

But the “Liberal” American Jews are today actually the most dangerous and should be shunned as well.  They are primarily organized these days as J Street and Americans for Peace Now (APN) and associated with the Democratic Party.  They are, to put it succinctly, duplicitous hypocrites.  Moreover they are actually controlled from Israel.

J Street was started soon after Obama’s first victory by remnants of Israel’s Labor and associated parties, as was APN years ago.  Daniel Levy (protege of Yossi Beilin, himself protege of Shimon Peres) and David Kimche (formerly top dog in Mossad and the Israeli Foreign Ministry) were the J Street architects.

Today J Street and APN are the champions of the good for Zionists, lethal for Palestinians, and oh-so-false “Two State Solution”.

APN, though in existence for far longer, is the junior partner with J Street.  While J Street is the Good Cop for AIPAC, APN tries to be the Good Cop for J Street.   Thus APN endorses the upcoming UN non-state member vote while J Street dances with it.

Both organizations are loyal members of the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations — Israel’s Zionist Enforcer which controls who gets to speak, go on Israel trips, get Jewish organizational awards, and get invited to Jewish this and that gatherings.  Both organizations work closely with and assist Palestinian collaborators, the worst of which is Ziad Asali and his despicable American Task Force for Palestine.  Both organizations masquerade as being in favor of Palestinian Statehood when in effect they are desperately trying to get the Palestinian quislings they arm and finance to accept perpetual bondage, fragmentation and disenfranchisement.  Most especially the veiled goal of both organizations, in tandem with that of the Israelis, is to get the Palestinians one way or another to give up their basic rights which are at the heart of the conflict in the historic land long known as Palestine until 1948.

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