11 08 2015


I’ll go out on a limb and predict it’s likely Obama will fail with his critical Iran shift.   By this I mean he may even fail to have his veto upheld; which would be a kind of nail in the coffin of his Presidency.  But even if he squeaks the veto through by a few votes, a substantial majority of both the House and the Senate, as well as public opinion, will be against him and as a lame duck POTUS he will not be able to implement it very much.  He certainly is not going to emulate Nixon goes to China with Obama goes to Tehran (what he really has dreamed about)…though he may make it to Cuba (unless Hillary gets her way).

The basic numbers not only in Congress but in public opinion are already against him, and the momentum is not with him either.   There is near desperation in his words and tone (AU speech) and actions (hastily-arranged conference calls with his supporters bested by Netanyahu with far more on his phone line).  Oh yes, let’s not forget, what about all the time and effort Obama and Kerry (Clinton before him) spent claiming they were bringing about the “Two-State Solution” and ending Israeli settlements?    Like their failed efforts throughout the region from Afghanistan to Iraq to Syria to Egypt (add Bahrain and Saudi as well and yes Ukraine also), whatever his intentions things during the Obama years have been made much worse in Palestine/Israel.

Here’s the latest damning poll about the Iran agreement.   Get the details at top of WashReport.com today.