Hillary’s EMAILS like Nixon’s TAPES? Special Prosecutor Ahead?

13 08 2015

Hillary Drudge smallPres Ford had to pardon Pres Nixon or he would have gone to jail.  As a result Ford lost the 1976 election and we got Jimmy Carter instead.    Will Pres Obama have to pardon almost-Pres Clinton?    And will this lead to Pres Trump or Bush the Third  in 2016?

Now that Hillary’s private email server has been seized and judges are involved ordering this and that, Hillary is really in jeopardy.  And so are her top aides, especially Huma, who also used the “private” Clinton server and, as rumor has it, probably has had a secret les relationship with Hillary for some time.  The courts are giving Huma orders now about her emails and multiple simultaneous jobs/paychecks, demanding that she tell the truth under oath.  Remember now, years ago Bill Clinton got impeached not because he was doing it with Monica in the Oval Office but rather because he lied during legal discovery proceedings.

Nixon was brought down by the secret recordings.  Hillary may be brought down by the secret emails.  But already there’s likely one big difference!  Nixon could have, but did not, destroy the tapes.  Now that the feds have Hillary’s server, what they are likely to find is that all the missing and likely incriminating things on it were professionally scrubbed clean and cannot be retrieved.

If that’s the case, will the courts or Congress order Hillary to divulge who was hired to do it, exactly what was done, how were payments made?  In short who might have been involved in such a conspiracy to obstruct justice?

Might there even be a Special Prosecutor ahead?