14 08 2015


Hillary’s EMAILS like Nixon’s TAPES? Special Prosecutor Ahead?

That was my headline and commentary early yesterday morning.  Today Hillary’s email problems have further escalated.  Who ordered her “private server” to be professional scrubbed so about half of her emails are gone forever?  Who decided which emails?  What firm was hired to do the deed and who gave the instructions and who paid the bills?   What role if any did Hillary’s body woman Huma play in all this as she now appears to be the only non-Clinton whose email was using the “private Clintonmail server.”  Is Hillary and/or others guilty of obstruction of justice?  And when will the demands for a Special Prosecutor reach the level of Congressional and/or judicial insistence?

AND, are the destroyed emails really gone forever?   People in government, and all around the world in fact, whon Hillary emailed should have copies of her emails.   Other government officials have their emails preserved on government servers and backup systems.  Will the Congress or the Courts go after what Hillary destroyed in this round-about and tedious way?   Will others also be guilty of obstruction of justice if they destroyed their copies of Hillary’s emails, whether under instruction from Hillary or representatives or at their own initiative?