Bernie and Elizabeth! Time to go ALL IN!

25 08 2015

Obama turned out to be such a bummer, Hillary is toast, Biden is safe but just more of the same.

The Republicans are not just mad.  They’ve become extremely dangerous, even more so with Trump yanking their chain.  In some critical ways they are our own neo-fascists, racists, militarists, imperialists — a la other countries in the past from Germany to Italy to Spain and Japan of yesteryear.

It’s time for decent and committed Americans to wake up, acknowledge their nation is the greatest danger to international peace having already committed so many atrocities in so many places, as Chomsky keeps pointing out, and realize that their very basic values and way of life are now seriously in jeopardy.

And so, the political ticket to support with enthusiasm and determination is Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.   Yes I know, they are both progressives, yes they both come from New England, yes conventional wisdom is they couldn’t be elected.   Yes the more pragmatic among us might be cautioning to instead go with Biden-Warren and have a better chance of winning…especially if Joe will really promise to be a one-termer and history could be upturned by then giving the Dems four consecutive Presidential wins and the first woman and truly progressive Pres.

BUT now, right now, this is the time for serious intellectuals, progressives, and real patriots, to go ALL IN and do something really revolutionary in hopes that the basic foreign and domestic policies of the U.S. can truly be changed…something rhetoric-gifted Obama lacked the determination, courage, and ability to do.