HILLARY for SUPREME COURT – A winning Strategy for the Dems!

26 08 2015


Here’s how the Democrats can keep the White House in 2016 and give all their major players a win-win strategy:

1)   Prevent Clinton and Biden from tearing each other up in primary fights with steps below.
2)   Find way for Hillary to gracefully exit in view of the national security and legal issues.
3)   Prepare for Biden to choose Elizabeth Warren as his VP and promise he will only serve one term.
4)   Get Sanders to focus only on attacking Republicans – get him to agree to campaign for Biden/Warren and offer him major position after the election.
5)   Tell Hillary that if need be Obama will pardon her before leaving office, just as CIA Director  Deutch was pardoned by Pres Clinton for similar transgressions.
6)   Further promise Hillary that if elected Biden will nominate her for the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Ginsberg.