30 08 2015

Journalists, travelers, business people should be boycotting and shunning today’s Military Junta Egypt.  Though I have visited Egypt myself more than 50 times, many as the guest of the government, that was the past.  Today’s Junta Egypt is a far more cruel, despotic, and extremely repressive one and we should all not only stay away but loudly condemn.

The recent conviction of journalists on trumped up ‘terrorism’ charges is not the reason for boycotting.  It’s just the latest glaring reminder.  I’ve been doing so ever since the Junta take-over, having told the Egyptian Ambassador in Washington to his face.

The BDS movement against Israel has valid and unique reasons for focusing on the Jewish State.  After all the U.S. keeps pouring in money and arms to Israel as nowhere else and the Israelis are terribly occupying another people, not just there own.    But even so, to overlook Egypt and not extend the BDS movement to it as well is unacceptable.   And since the Saudis are the main reason Junta Egypt came to be and stays in power there’s another target country that should at least be mentioned as well.