1 09 2015

This time The Washington Post did it’s job….almost.   Sunday’s full banner front-page article about the Syrian Refugees, present and future, is Pulitzer-winning journalism.   I found myself quite literally crying, weeping, despondent reading it slowly, painfully.   I found myself literally voice messaging in tears a number of personal friends who are themselves originally Palestinian refugees and whose families still today into the third and fourth generations live in the destitute camps in Gaza and the West Bank.   You can easily find the article today at the top of WashReport.com.

In one major respect however WaPo did not to its job.   It refused to point the fingers of responsibilityand complicity for this further modern-day Middle East horror story where mostly deserved — Washington itself where the paper is headquarters and its two greatest allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia.   But that’s for another story another day and another newspaper.