CHINA MILITARY PARADE – Largest Ever! Major New Weapons! Russia (Putin) and China (Xi) Together!

2 09 2015

Nine days ago, before most in the media class even knew it was going to happen, I wrote the following.   Now we’ll see tomorrow morning Washington time how the major American newspapers and TV programs will handle this historic event about to begin in Beijing in a few hours.

Some 27 armament formations of the Peoples Liberation Army have been rehearsing for the September 3 show in a massive replica of the Tiananmen Square – where the parade will be held – specially built outside Beijing.

More than 12,000 Chinese military troops along with thousands more from Russia and other countries, along with more than 500 military vehicles carrying 7 types of missiles and more than 200 military aircraft, are all going to be in the vast military parade.   China is already boasting that the great majority of the weaponry to be showcased in this huge display of power, 84% to be precise, have never been seen in public before.

This grand Olympics type show of military power takes on even more significance because it is coming shortly before the Chinese President and top officials will head to Washington later in the month for an official “State Visit” with their American counterparts.  And there is even greater significance still when it is realized that China has held only 14 military parades since 1949, when the Communists triumphed in the civil war banishing the previous political leaders to Taiwan.   And never ever before has China even held a military parade on September 3, this time the excuse being it is the Chinese 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Clearly this September 3rd military extravaganza is really designed to let the Americans know they are up against a new much stronger considerably more assertive China, and one with Russia at its side.   Earlier this summer in fact, remember now the widely-circulated picture of President Xi and his famously elegant wife sitting right next to Russian President Putin in Moscow for their grand 70th anniversary WWII military parade.  The Americans and key European countries notably absent from both Moscow and Beijing.