SAUDI KING COMETH – Guilty in Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and beyond

4 09 2015


After his last minute refusal to come to Obama’s Camp David Arab Gulf Summit this summer — even after the White House had announced his participation — the Saudi King has now come to talk turkey with  Obama and top military and political officials here in Washington.   September is going to be quite a monthfor Obama:

  • Yesterday there was the largest ever Chinese military parade in Beijing – Putin prominent but no American official.
  • Saudi King here in Washington today.
  • Coming:  Congressional NO vote (by substantial majority in fact) on Iran deal, followed by Obama VETO.
  • Pope Francis visits on 20th
  • Chinese President Xi State Visit a few days later.

The Saudis are playing an increasingly dangerous bloody game having fomented the horrible civil war in Syria to bring down the Baath regime there, sent troops to Bahrain, gone to war in Yemen, and provoked/financed the Junta Military takeover in Egypt.  King Salman has already announced he’ll be going to Moscow pretty soon as well.

Just in advance of the Saudi King’s visit in fact Sec State Kerry very publicly announced even more arms and CIA clandestine support for the Saudis as well as the Israelis.  Big difference is the Israelis are given billions in arms by the U.S. whereas the Saudis pay hard cash, recycling their petrodollars back where they came from.

What the King really wants more than all else are more promises, arrangements, and plans to keep his and associated regimes in power one way or another.  The exact opposite of what a U.S. committed to freedom, democracy, and human rights, should be doing!