SAUDIS responsible for Junta Egypt, destroying Syria and Yemen, and refusing all fellow Muslim Refugees!

6 09 2015

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This was the black limos everywhere scene Thursday night when the King of Saudi Arabia arrived and was whisked off to the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown.   Any and all had been booted, the King demanding the entire hotel for his own. King Salman even brought some of his own golden Royal furnishings and had the already luxury hotel remade with Red Carpets everywhere (not one foot on anything else) and Gold everythings everywhere else.

Not a word from the Saudis Royals about all the repression and beheadings of their own, how they make possible the despicable regimes in Junta Egypt and Bahrain et. al, or about all the bombing they are doing in Yemen.  Maybe even worst of all at the moment, total refusal by the King to take in any Syrian refugees or to even put big money into helping the suffering millions he and his Royals are more responsible for creating than anyone else.