10 09 2015

The country that has more than a hundred nuclear weapons,  is producing from 10 to 20 yearly, and which is well-known to have what the West calls “radical Muslims” throughout its political and military establishment is of course Pakistan.    But since the Pakistani military is allied with the U.S. there is hardly any mention in the current debate about Iran, a country which in fact has no nuclear weapons though it is encircled by U.S. military bases and under constant threat of attack and “regime change”.

The other let us say “rogue” country that has a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons and the most advanced land, sea, and air means to use them is Israel.

How interesting then that when The Washington Post finally did a short story rather hidden away on page 10 about Pakistan’s nukes not a single reference was made to Israel, the “Jewish State”, whose nuke force is quite superior to that of Pakistan and whose “radical Jewish” politicians have quite publicly threatened to use them!

The Americans of course are well-known for their duplicitous hypocrisy, and when it comes to nuclear weapons it is on blatant display.   Not only do the Americans look away when it comes to Israel, a country which lied profusely and secretly developed its nuclear weapons plus has refused to sign the NPT or allow any inspections of any kind.    Even more damning is that the Americans, as well as the Germans and Brits, continue to supply Israel with other advanced military technology in mega quantities which considerably enhances its nuclear capabilities.   Add to this that the Americans have totally refused to live up to the NPT themselves and currently have a Trillion Dollar program to “modernize” their vast nuclear arsenal in the years ahead.