Obama’s Dangerous Pyrrhic”Victory” – OBAMAARMS

14 09 2015

Obama is claiming victory even though a large majority of the House, a majority of the Senate, and what seems a majority of much of public opinion firmly opposed his complicated and hardly completed deal with Iran.  But that’s not the really big story.   To get the deal Obama has set the stage for ongoing escalating tensions and probably future regional war.  He has sent more advanced military hardware to Israel than any previous President including extra additional special funding for missiles, fighter aircraft, and battlefield super weapons.  He has as well made huge weapons sales to the Saudis and GCC countries thus fueling an escalating regional arms race.  Indeed the Arab potentates, led by the Saudis, are themselves spending eight times more on arming for war than are the Iranians.  Meanwhile the Israelis keep racing ahead expanding their own vast arsenal of nuclear weapons — from battlefield to strategic — including the most advanced delivery systems by submarines, missiles, and fighter-bombers.

As a result of ObamaArms, as well as the escalating American bombing in Syria,  the Russians have now sent more advisers and special forces to the heartland of the Middle East.  As a result, surrounded and threatened, Iran is understandably racing forward to buy and manufacture conventional arms hoping to be able to continue to deter Israeli/US attack.  Worst of all Obama and Clinton, not to mention the Republican “crazies”, keep using the language of war constantly threatening that if Iran does x or y or z they will use the “military option.”    It’s all a mix the Israelis and their Neocon Zionist minions love, a situation they are planning to exploit when the opportunity arises (or is created), a reality the arms makers have been dreaming about, and quite possibly an overall brew that will ignite in explosion in the years ahead, likely after Obama’s retirement.

This larger much more complex collection of dangerous realities is likely to be the real Obama Legacy in the Middle East and provides the really critical backdrop to all the “agreement” wordage.