SYRIA – Russia and Iran Countering US/UK/Saudi/Israel

24 09 2015

Through the back door of fighting the radical Islamacists, the U.S is now leading the way through escalating intervening to bring down the long-time Syrian Government in Damascus.  It’s not just bombing as eventually did the job in Libya, though the American air war has been considerably escalated in recent months.  The CIA has stepped up further the covert war against the Assad regime and the Pentagon has stepped up the “training” of mercenary forces.

Countering this are the Iranians who smartly and cautiously are further challenging US/Israeli/Saudi hegemony in the region.  More importantly the Russians are further stepping in themselves now sending more and better weapons and a much larger number of military trainers along with what can be called Russian special forces.

A direct clash of US and Russian forces is becoming more possible than since the days of the Soviet Union, even though both sides are trying to prevent that realizing it could quickly lead to a very dangerous confrontation.   But at the same time both sides are cautiously yet steadily escalating their involvement while also maneuvering to see if some kind of political settlement might be tolerable for themselves.

Buy it’s really the Saudis (and their Gulf protectorates) who are the most responsible for the destruction of Syria. They fomented and paid for the war in the first place, partly to pay back Assad but mostly, in secret coordination with the Israelis, to try to do an end run around Iran.   When their plans didn’t achieve their goals they could have stopped Syria’s descent into hellish fracturing but decided instead to double-down.    They are even more directly involved now in the destruction of Yemen to take back control of that country, having enlisted their American patron and others to do more of the heavy-lifting in Syria.   In the process they keep pouring super money into covert and mercenary actions as well as buying tens of billions in more advanced arms from the American war industry.