Drenched in Blood, Repression, and Beheadings Saudis Buy U.N. ‘Human Rights’ seat

25 09 2015

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The Saudi Royals do win the award for the most narcissistic “royal” family of “modern” times.   Their US/Israel alliance is what keeps them in power and since the Arab Spring, in a panic, their masks keep falling off.   The damning news that despite their escalating repression and beheadings they’ve used their money to buy themselves a little role with the U.N. Human Rights Commission.  The Israelis are no doubt laughing as the more that commission discredits itself the more its focus on Israel and the Palestinians fades from credibility.   This latest Saudi exploit takes place with the backdrop of what the Saudis have done in Yemen as well as Bahrain.  It comes as they have fomented and financed the destruction of Syria.  It comes as they have spent $100+ billion in recent years buying weapons from the Americans.   And it comes as they made way for Royals and VIPs in Mecca yesterday leading to the stampeding to death of more than 700!    Critical information as always at MiddleEast.Org