THE POPE and the 9/11 MYTH

26 09 2015

Francis is indeed a very special Pope.  Rocked by scandals and defections the Catholic church understood it needed a new charismatic “liberal” figurehead, so they chose for the first time a humble Jesuit from the Americas.   The Pope’s visit to the USA and the UN, after Cuba, was just the thing Catholism needed as it attempts to atone and rejuvenate.  But though he did nearly everything right on this trip there was one big huge mistake — allowing the Americans to manipulate him into endorsing 9/11, allowing the major “multi-religious ceremony” to be held in the context of what is in reality an elaborate historical hoax.

But then the Pople and the Catholics are no strangers to the power of myths, after all their religion is founded on Mary being a Virgin, Jesus being the Son of God, Holy Ghosts and Exorcisms.    For the Americans what is in reality a modern-day myth has taken on a kind of secular religious zealotry.  And like so much done in the name of religion over the centuries they have killed so many and caused so much pain and destruction in the name of their 9/11 myth.