30 09 2015

What’s wrong with you Bashar al-Assad?  This is your moment!   Defy the Americans and those who long ago thought you could be easily overthrown — the Saudis at the top of that list.   Come to the U.N. and make the speech of your life!

Get in front of the world from the same lecturn where Obama and Putin and Xi and so many other world leaders have already spoken on this 70th anniversary.   At this time in history you will get more attention than anyone else as they have already set the stage for you!   Hey, and bring your wife cultured and sophisticated wife Asma!

As for the speech of your life…start with Sykes-Picot and Lawrence, then the French invasion, then what the Brits did in Palestine…all of which is the backdrop to what is still happening to you Arabs.   Do that first before you even get to “modern times” and the Israelis, the falsities of 9/11, the millions killed and countries destroyed by the U.S. and its partners from Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya, from Yemen to Sudan and Lebanon and Palestine.  And that’s all of course before you get to why you and your country have been so targeted by the same Western powers and their main regional allies.

You better come this year Bashar!   No telling what the years ahead hold if you don’t find your political voice and your historical macho on the world stage beyond the barrel bombs and all the horrible killing and destruction at home.