31 10 2015


If anyone would have said at the time of Obama’s election that American planes, troops, drones, CIA and “contractors” would be battling in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria throughout and even after his Presidency….well of course no one even thought like that on 20 January 2009.  Surely not even Obama!   Oh yes, lets not forget the bloody deadly mess Obama has created and is responsible for in Libya and Palestine, and what he OKed in Ukraine that all but forced Russian intervention.

Actually Obama/Biden are in some ways worse than Bush/Cheney. They use more rhetorical deception, imprison more whistleblowers, kill even American citizens with Drones, they haven’t even closed Guantanomo…and the list goes on and on as there must be so many things we don’t even know about.

Now on the very opening day the Vienna international “peace ” conference yesterday Obama and his Generals choose to very loudly announce that American “special forces” are going to Syria for the first time.

WHY?  Obama is in actuality countering the Russians and Iranians with this move.   Iran has some thousands of troops in Syria now and has become the dominant player in Iraq.  The Russians have made moves to supplant the Americans in a critical part of the region with their bridgehead in western Syria and their ally Iran to the East.  Even Chinese military “advisers” are on the way in coordination with Putin.

Now with overt U.S. uniformed troops in Syria, among other things they will help protect the various mercenary forces being armed and trained by the US, Saudis, and Gulf countries the Russians might otherwise bomb.    

And let’s remember something else.   It was just last year Obama said he was sending just a few hundred “special forces” back to Iraq.  Today there are now more than 3500 overt and so many more covert, numbers going up monthly.


Saudi Lobby in Washington – What you need to know

30 10 2015


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Earlier this month the public arm of the Saudi Lobby in Washington — known as the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations (NCUSAR) — held its annual gathering at the Reagan Center.   It’s a rather weak and very incestuous organization, but because of its patrons it has some importance.   This year NCUSAR more fully than ever transformed itself into a kind of SAUDI WAR COUNCIL.  On both days the keynote luncheon speakers — a top Saudi royal and a UAE billionaire — lashed out not only at Iran and Yemen but at Obama!

The Saudi and Gulf Arab Neocons have cast off their masks and are now front and center in geostrategic bed with their Zionist Neocon allies, all increasingly desperate to keep control of the region in their hands.  Amazingly they even put forth a speaker to lament how successful Sykes-Picot could have been if only the Arabs would have cooperated more!

NCUSAR’s creation goes back to the days of Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar when he created and funded a small group of publications and organizations that in combination make up the public face of The Saudi Lobby in Washington.   Here are three crucial FlashBack articles that put it all in perspective:



UK Scholars Declare Boycott of Israeli Universities

29 10 2015

343 British scholars from 72 educational institutions have signed a letter calling for boycotting Israeli universities due to Israeli violation of the international law and its illegal occupation of the Palestinian land.   The signers declared that they would not accept invitations to visit Israeli academic institutions; act as referees in any of their processes; participate in conferences funded, organized or sponsored by them, or otherwise cooperate with them.


28 10 2015



Israel and U.S. TRICK and TRAP ARABS once again!

27 10 2015

Two years ago the Israelis again tried to put “security cameras” on what they call “The Temple Mount” but where for two of Islam’s holiest Mosques have resided for some 1300 years.   The Arabs, including Jordan which in coordination with the Jews claims :”custodianship” of the Mosque, then insisted this was unacceptable, would change the “status quo”,  and so could not come to pass.

Now, desperately attempting to extinguish Intifada III along with the U.S., the Jordanians have reversed course endorsing the cameras after all, even letting the Americans claim it was Jordan’s idea!   The Palestinians are trying to protest but the miserably co-opted and corrupted Palestinian Authority knows it has to submit when its keepers all together — the Americans, the Hashemites, and the Israelis — insist that they must.

With these new “security cameras”, now to photograph and monitor everyone and everything on the Haram el-Sherif, the Israelis will further escalate their means of control and repression.   While claiming they are abiding by the “status quo” the Israelis, thanks to their American and Hashemite partners, are in fact making a major change further trapping the Palestinians behind more and more electronic as well as physical barriers.

It is a joint U.S.-Israel Occupation of Palestine

26 10 2015

occupied USA

Once again the American Secretary of State is doing Israel’s bidding even as the Israelis continue to defy another American President.  Remember now, Obama came into office insisting from the get-go that the Israelis must stop settlements and allow a Palestinian State.  His utter failure with this critical policy was one of the early marks of his confusion and indecision, his ineptness and powerlessness.   Now Kerry, having failed so miserably at bringing about even a small non-sovereign Palestinian State, is fronting once again for the Israelis not not only feverishly working to extinguish the oh-so-justified Intifada III but helping the Zionists place more cameras to watch over and more barriers/restrictions to control, the Palestinians.   In the end it is a joint U.S.-Israel occupation of Palestine and the Americans should be held responsible not just by history but by present circumstances.

Trying to Extinguish INTIFADA III

25 10 2015

As usual the Americans working through their top Arab client regimes in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the PA, are trying to extinguish the latest outbreak of the oh-so-justified anti-occupation anti-apartheid Palestinian Intifada III.  They do so as usual working through their top regional client regimes in Amman and Riyadh and Cairo and Ramallah, and by making false and or meaningless promises to the Palestinians.   History makes clear however that every agreement the Americans bring about makes things worse for the Palestinians and the region over time – UN 1967, Camp David 1978, Beirut 1982, Madrid 1991, Oslo 1993, Cairo 1995, Hebron 1995, Wye River 1997, just to name a few usually forgotten but all with disastrous results for the Palestinians.