1 10 2015

“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared before world leaders Wednesday that he is no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel and called on the United Nations to provide international protection for Palestinians.”

So declared Mahmoud Abbas speaking from the U.N. podium just days after neither the American or Russian Presidents even bothered to mention Palestine in their speeches to the world.   In a cruel historical joke Abbas oversaw the raising of a Palestinian flag at the U.N. making mockery of the very terms “Statehood”, “independence”, and “sovereignty”.

Let’s make something very clear — Mahmoud Abbas has been a terrible disaster for the Palestinian people and should have been gone a long time ago!   The only reason he has stayed is because he has been useful to U.S., Israel, and Europeans, who have armed and financed and protected him all these years!

First of all Abbas is not President of anything.   There is no Palestinian State and the “Palestinian Authority” is a quisling horribly co-opted disaster.   Beyond that his “term” ended more than five years ago and he hasn’t even called a false election fearing that even though he controls all the money and who would vote he still would not win!

Second Abbas is the man more than any other for the disastrous “Oslo Peace Process” that has so fragmented Palestine everywhere and who are today more under Israeli control than ever!    In fact it was he at the White House in September 1993 who actually signed the agreement with the Israelis that ended any hope of a real Palestinian State.  He was warned at the time by no less personalities than Edward Said and PLO negotiating Chairman Haider Abdul Shafi, both of whom totally broke with Abbas way back then refusing to even attend the White House ceremony.

Abbas and his VIP Palestinians, most especially super collaborator Saeb Erekat, should be forced to go one way or another.  This is very very long overdue!  Moreover what they have done has to be undone!  Oh yes, when they are forced to flee their bank accounts should be frozen and it would be fitting indeed if they ended up in refugee camps which truly do represent the Palestinian people!