RUSSIANS forcefully responding to US/Saudi/Israeli/Turk escalation in SYRIA

5 10 2015


As was the case in Ukraine, the Russians are actually responding to escalating provocations, and they have understandably decided to do so forcefully.  Looks like they have the Chinese on their side as well as for the first time in history Chinese military ships and personnel are arriving.

After attempting “diplomacy”, the Russians found that the Americans had maneuvered to escalate their training and arming of mercenary forces in Syria this time using the “Islamic State” excuse, and then to ratchet up their latest bombing campaign that wasn’t supposed to be.   They did it under cover of fighting ISIS, rather than the Syrian regime, but after what the Americans have done elsewhere, including Libya, Moscow understood very well the real target was and is Damascus and after that Tehran.

Meanwhile, all in coordination with the Americans, the UK and France have stepped in, while the Saudis and Israelis have considerably raised the stakes as well.   The Saudis are pouring arms and money into mercenary forces in Syria while themselves massively intervening in Yemen.   The Israelis have been conducting a variety of stealth operations including last July when they used their German-supplied submarines to attack a major Russian arms depot in Syria, something they will not be able to do now.

With the Americans, Israelis, Saudis, and Turks, all escalating and coordinating their attacks on Syria, that is why the Russians took the decision to step in themselves, and they are doing so in coordination with the Iranians and Lebanese and Iraqis, and even now very craftily with the Chinese.