Breaking up and Beating down the Arab and Moslem Worlds

7 10 2015

“The endgame would probably be a confederal Syria made up of highly autonomous zones, policed by an international peacekeeping force.   Given where matters now stand, a Bosnia in the heart of the Middle East may be the best we can hope for”.  Wall Street Journal today

The Israelis and their Jewish Zionist minions in the U.S. and Europe have long had the goal of fracturing and breaking up and keeping the Arab States in conflict with each other in order that Israel, and de-facto ally Saudi Arabia, could rule the region in tandem with a captive and directed United States.   They were actively pursuing this course before 9/11.  But with 9/11 they tremendously stepped up their efforts enlisting not only U.S. weapons, money, and covert ops but massive U.S. forces and a greatly beefed up CIA/NSA.

The American Neocons are unrelenting having succeeded in destroying and fracturing what could have been Israel’s major Arab enemy, Iraq, and involved the U.S. in a war against “Islamic Extremism”.   While their post 9/11 game-plan, 7 countries in 5 years culminating with the regimes in Syria and Iran, has been partially blocked at the moment, they continually twist and turn awaiting their next opportunity.   Today’s Wall Street Journal columnist has telegraphed what is now their end-game for Syria after they successfully (from their point of view) brought that fate along with ISIS to Iraq.