Super Famous French Actor Gerard Depardieu Lambasts the Americans

9 10 2015

“The US? They’re a people who have constantly destroyed others.  They fought each other, destroyed the Indians, after that they perpetrated slavery, then there was the civil war.  After that, they were the first to use the atomic bomb…No, I prefer being Russian.  If the Europeans stopped listening to the Americans, well, I’d be a lot happier.”   Famous Actor Gerard Depardieu    

    Gérard Depardieu Cannes 2015 3.jpg

Bio Info:  Gérard Depardieu is a French actor, film-maker, businessman and vineyard owner. He is one of the most prolific character actors in film history, having completed approximately 170 movies since 1967. He has twice won the César Award for Best Actor as well as the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in Green Card.