10 10 2015

“Ali al-Nimr has been through the most horrifying ordeal at the hands of the Saudi government. He was arrested as a juvenile, tortured into a bogus ‘confession,’ put through a mockery of a trial, and sentenced to ‘crucifixion,’ in a blatant attempt to make an example of him.”

Actually he was arrested for participating in an Arab Spring demonstration against the Saudi Government without any real charges.  That’s when the nightmare began.   Clearly the Saudi Government wants to frighten any and all from even thinking of speaking out in any way against the increasingly dictatorial and brutal regime.  Anyone who even blogs or puts on Facebook critical comments about the Saudi regime has to worry about what is in effect the Saudi Gestapo-like SS coming to get them.

The sentence of death by beheading and what’s been widely called the “crucifixion” of his headless remains in public can be carried out at any time unless the world demands the Saudi regime stop!