ABBAS RESIGN! But force him and VIP PA entourage to stay

11 10 2015

Intifada III is underway and already more than a thousand Palestinians have been injured, many killed, the whole society imprisoned and fractured to pieces by the Israeli/U.S. occupation.  The Israeli media along with PM Bibi and his radical Ministers are all viciously fingering Abbas demanding he control the Palestinian people who long ago however gave up on him, and rightly so.

So let’s be clear and forceful about this situation:   Abbas is a quisling and was himself severely co-opted long ago.  He covered up the Arafat assassination in order to get the job in the first place.   But even so it was 10 years ago that he last allowed a fake election to put him in his fake post and ever since he has feared to even allow another such election however much he (along with his Israeli, US and Europeans handlers) would manipulate it.

Should Abbas and his whole VIP “Palestinian Authority” entourage resign? For sure long overdue! But is the Israeli incitement against him justified – what a crock of political shit!

The PA itself should collectively resign, dissolving itself and exposing naked the whole fake “peace process”.  But even doing so will not be sufficient atonement for their unforgiveable political mistakes and gross corruption.

All officials of the PA should have their assets and bank accounts at home and abroad frozen and should be prohibited from leaving the occupied territories by the Palestinian people.  They should not be allowed to flee to exile and live off the monies they stole and sent abroad and the privileges they would be given in the US and Europe by those who co-opted and used them.   They should be forced to stay with the rest of the Palestinian people in the worse-than-ever occupied lands and suffer and fight not as the “leaders” of the “Palestinian Authority” but as participants in Intifada III.

And that long historic struggle for freedom and justice, now reignited once again, should not end this time until the Israeli Occupation truly ends, which means all Palestinians in the territories, in refugee camps in the region, and in the diaspora throughout the world, should be entitled to citizenship in a real Palestinian State!