Time To Also Boycott PEACE NOW!

17 10 2015

Earlier this year I ended a 40+ year-long relationship with the long-time friend who is now Chairman of Americans for Peace Now.  Jim Klutznick is also the son of the man who was my mentor and I worked intensely with for a decade to help bring about the “Two-State Solution” back when it was not only possible but urgently needed – Philip Klutznick, the most important Jewish leader of the 70s and 80s who had been President of The World Jewish Congress as well as President of B’nai B’rith International, Secretary of Commerce, and signer of The Paris Declaration.   In recent years Jim and I had spend dozens of hours meeting in person, talking on the phone, grappling with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the role and complicity of American Jews, and with the responsibility of the U.S. Obama Administration as well as those which came before it.   It should be added that Jim, his top Obama fund-raiser sister, Betty Lou Saltzman, and other wealthy “liberal Zionist” American Jews in Chicago, have been among Obama’s most important financiers pushing him to front for their duplicitous and fatally corrupted “Two-State Solution”.  My parting words and accusations to Jim are very harsh but clearly I felt, rightly or wrongly, necessary.   (Names and context have been added where appropriate)

Americans for Peace Now
To:    Jim Klutznick, Chairman of American For Peace Now
From:    Mark Bruzonsky – April 2015


……I’m in total disagreement with you primarily because of no trust in you and your cohorts (in Americans for Peace Now) nor your President (Obama) and all your cheap meaningless more and more disgusting sloganeering.

You “liberal” Jewish Zionist apologists have become the greatest of hypocrites and self-serving deceptionists; worse yet you are trying to fatally poison the Palestinian people whom you so falsely claim to care about in order to assuage your own “liberal” Jewish moral and political contradictions.  I have no patient anymore with any of this….hence the reality is we are political, moral, and Jewish enemies and that is how we will in time ahead pass from the scene overtaken by others with more smarts, more guts, more courage, and more willingness to deal with reality rather your self-serving mythologies.

As for your reference to Nahum (Goldman) and your father (Phil Klutznick) here too I vehemently disagree.   They would have the courage and the honesty, as do others still alive such as Landrum (Bolling) and Blumenthal (Max) and Chomsky, to acknowledge that precisely what they warned against has happened and thus now it is too late….which is in fact why they spoke and acted at the time they did (years ago now) with such vehemence and fortitude knowing that time was limited and the forces against them were creating a new reality on the ground that would make their hopes impossible.    Your attempt to hide behind your father’s legacy in this way is in fact sickening for me though it works I’m sure with many who don’t know what really went on then.   But I cannot allow this to be said without totally challenging not only your conclusions but even worse your motives.

Much more war and possibly cataclysmic disaster is now ahead for the Middle East and Israel — and we Jews and Americans are very much the complicitous and responsible parties without whom this would not be.  Nahum  and your father were among the major visionaries who tried so hard to prevent what has happened, but they are hardy ever even mentioned these days…

As for Obama, he’s been for the most part quite a failure and disaster on so many fronts, most especially the MIddle East!   He leaves office having further set the Middle East on fire even more than those before him and with troops, now called contractors and trainers and stealth operators, using more destructive technology than large numbers of “boots on the ground”,  not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but throughout the region with vast amounts of U.S. arms he has personally authorized pouring into Israel, Saudi Arabia, and GCC and millions dead with more millions homeless and refugees and lives destroyed.  This blood and destruction is on your hands as well as far as I am concerned.  This is the Obama Legacy and even worse is now ahead as a result.


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US trying to preserve its dominance at all costs

17 10 2015


“The source of the terrorism is a perverted, extremist ideology of the Saudi Wahhabism, the Wahhabism of the Saudi Arabia, which is the main US ally in the Middle East.    But the United States considers three countries – Russia, Iran and China – a threat to its dominance in the world….”

This from a former Iranian Ambassador to Russia.   The Americans are selling the arms and bombing from the skies, the Saudis are leading the crusade, the increasingly radical mercenaries are fighting and dying on the ground, and now the Russians (with direct Iranian plus Lebanese support and indirect Chinese support) are intervening after years to prevent a US/Saudi/Israeli victory.        MiddleEast.Org