18 10 2015

It’s not hard to reach this conclusion actually, just very politically incorrect, especially in the USA and parts of Europe, because of the extreme radical Israeli and Jewish intimidation, repression, and defamation.

So let’s be very clear about this.   What the Israelis have done to the Palestinians in the nearly 50 year occupation totally justifies the Uprising against them.  Plus before that remember as well what was done to the Palestinians in the years before and after Palestine was so violently destroyed and turned into Israel.

The whole world in fact should today be joining in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Movement and stopping arming and financing the Israelis because of their brutal and much worse than apartheid policies.

Nor will I take the easy way out and say that only a non-violent struggle is justified.    If that were the case there would be no America, which had to fight hard to free itself from Great Britain,and after that decimated itself in a brutal civil war. Nor would there be an Israel which choose extreme violence and repeated warfare so many times rather than political and diplomatic options that were available at critical historical junctures.  Not to mention the extreme violence practiced by the Americans over and over again killing so many in foreign lands…and quite a few at home as well.

Furthermore, it needs to be remembered that non-violent popular resistance was actually tried by the Palestinians many times and the brutal occupier always used escalating provocations and false flag ops to undermine such tactics.   Not to mention that beyond the death and destruction brought about by the Israeli military and “border police”, the covert Shinbet and Mossad have repeatedly used everything from torture to assassinations to extreme forms of collective punishments as everything has been stolen from the Palestinians to create Greater israel.

Intifada III is here!   We should all be Palestinians now!