Israel Under Siege as Condemnations and BDS escalate

20 10 2015


Iceland took a step last month to boycott Israeli products, then under severe pressure walked it back.   A European organization has just condemned gross Israeli violations of basic human rights and  arbitrary killings.  The U.N. Security Council is being pressed to intervene with observers and peacekeepers by the French and other U.S. allies.   Even the State Department and Obama have used language blaming Israel for being responsible for igniting Intifada III.    And many Jews worldwide, especially in the U.S., are privately shocked by what Israel is doing and cutting back their ties and allegiance to the “Jewish State”.

Another sign of how worried the Israelis have become is that the Knesset is now considering new laws to ban from entry to Israel supporters of BDS and even those who advocate only boycotting products from the settlements and occupied territories (which will include many “liberal Zionists” including their loyal Peace Now contingents).

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