Biden IS Running…by Not Running!

21 10 2015

Biden and hillary

Joe Biden still might become the American President.  His extraordinary announcement today that he is “not running” — the way he made it and what he actually said toward the end — makes him the Democratic Party’s stand-by, backup, just-in-case, under-the-table, stealth candidate.

Biden made his negative announcement speech live from the White House Rose Garden in the middle of the day with POTUS Obama by his side.  Then he ended it declaring very forcefully that he’s going to be continuing to forcefully speak up on all the key issues that he cares so passionately about.

This makes Joe Biden a candidate in waiting — the smartest move he could make at this point.   Should Hillary trip, or get tripped, or worse, who will the Democratic Party turn to?   At the moment Biden is by far ahead should that scenario come to pass.