BIBI of ISRAEL is the new and extremely dangerous HOLOCAUST DENIER!

22 10 2015

If you believe the Israeli Prime Minister (not so easy on so many things actually) as late as 1941 Adolph Hitler did not intend to destroy the Jews but rather to deport and exile them.   According to Bibi Netanyahu, speaking yesterday at the latest World Zionist Organization meeting in Jerusalem, it was the Palestinian leader of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el Husseini, who gave Hitler the Holocaust idea in a meeting in Berlin on 28 November of that year.  Hitler hosts Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini in 1941 in Germany. (Heinrich Hoffmann Collection/Wikipedia)

If Bibi is to be believed the Holocaust was not underway at that time (which it most definitely was) and the Holocaust idea did not originate from Hitler and the Nazis but rather from the leader of the Palestinians (which it most definitely did not).

Talk about Blood Libels!    Next we’ll be hearing from some major Christian leader in the 21st century that the Jews really were after all responsible for the crucifixtion of their Christ, the son of God!

These things do matter!   The Holocaust against the Jews was in fact at least partially inspired and justified by that religious crucifixtion myth about the Jews, on top of so many other stereotypical travesties.   What the Israeli Prime Minister has now said could well lead to and be said to justify an even more brutal occupation, expulsion of, and even mass killing of the Palestinian people….ironic as it may be perpetrated by the ancestors of the Jews of the Holocaust!

After all, Bibi Netanyahu is, by his own proclamation as well as being the longest serving Prime Minister of the Jewish State of Israel, the leader of the Jews!