Trying to Extinguish INTIFADA III

25 10 2015

As usual the Americans working through their top Arab client regimes in Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the PA, are trying to extinguish the latest outbreak of the oh-so-justified anti-occupation anti-apartheid Palestinian Intifada III.  They do so as usual working through their top regional client regimes in Amman and Riyadh and Cairo and Ramallah, and by making false and or meaningless promises to the Palestinians.   History makes clear however that every agreement the Americans bring about makes things worse for the Palestinians and the region over time – UN 1967, Camp David 1978, Beirut 1982, Madrid 1991, Oslo 1993, Cairo 1995, Hebron 1995, Wye River 1997, just to name a few usually forgotten but all with disastrous results for the Palestinians.