It is a joint U.S.-Israel Occupation of Palestine

26 10 2015

occupied USA

Once again the American Secretary of State is doing Israel’s bidding even as the Israelis continue to defy another American President.  Remember now, Obama came into office insisting from the get-go that the Israelis must stop settlements and allow a Palestinian State.  His utter failure with this critical policy was one of the early marks of his confusion and indecision, his ineptness and powerlessness.   Now Kerry, having failed so miserably at bringing about even a small non-sovereign Palestinian State, is fronting once again for the Israelis not not only feverishly working to extinguish the oh-so-justified Intifada III but helping the Zionists place more cameras to watch over and more barriers/restrictions to control, the Palestinians.   In the end it is a joint U.S.-Israel occupation of Palestine and the Americans should be held responsible not just by history but by present circumstances.