Israel and U.S. TRICK and TRAP ARABS once again!

27 10 2015

Two years ago the Israelis again tried to put “security cameras” on what they call “The Temple Mount” but where for two of Islam’s holiest Mosques have resided for some 1300 years.   The Arabs, including Jordan which in coordination with the Jews claims :”custodianship” of the Mosque, then insisted this was unacceptable, would change the “status quo”,  and so could not come to pass.

Now, desperately attempting to extinguish Intifada III along with the U.S., the Jordanians have reversed course endorsing the cameras after all, even letting the Americans claim it was Jordan’s idea!   The Palestinians are trying to protest but the miserably co-opted and corrupted Palestinian Authority knows it has to submit when its keepers all together — the Americans, the Hashemites, and the Israelis — insist that they must.

With these new “security cameras”, now to photograph and monitor everyone and everything on the Haram el-Sherif, the Israelis will further escalate their means of control and repression.   While claiming they are abiding by the “status quo” the Israelis, thanks to their American and Hashemite partners, are in fact making a major change further trapping the Palestinians behind more and more electronic as well as physical barriers.