Did ISIS bring down the Russian plane in Sinai?

1 11 2015

Horrific: This is one of the first images of the mangled wreckage of the Russian passenger jet that crashed yesterday, killing 224 people

ISIS yesterday released a video purporting to show the burning Russian airliner plummeting through the sky before hitting the ground.  Very suspicious circumstances and timing indeed, especially as it seems the plane broke up before crashing with wreckage over a 3-mile area.  See the video and pictures at MiddleEast.org today.

Was there an on-board bomb or sabotage or a shoot-down?   And just who now has the “black boxes” that were quickly found at the crash scene?   If it was downed the Russians are likely to try  to cover it up.  If ISIS did it, just who supplied them with the anti-aircraft missiles or helped them otherwise down the plane?  The Saudis and the CIA has the most to gain; and Mossad is always a possibility.

If the plane was brought down, consider it a big warning to Russia and that one way or another the Americans, Saudis, or Israelis might be involved in, though definitive proof is not likely.  My “educated guess” based on all the circumstances and situation.  Thee was some kind of bomb on board and though ISIS is taking credit it was others who did the dirty deed.