1 11 2015

All the dots are of course U.S. military bases — the publicly known ones that is.  Add to this all the U.S. war ships in the “Persian Gulf” and nearby, all the military forces of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf countries.   Add to this all the covert CIA bases and operations coupled with the vast spy reach of the NSA.  

Plus add to this picture the history of U.S. invasions and country destructions in the Middle East and beyond, plus the US/Saudi/Israeli use of Iraq in 1980 to attack Iran and attempt to bring down the revolution at that early stage.

Iran clearly does not want war.   But Iran just as clearly knows it must prepare for it as the only way to “deter” its enemies from attacking…the fate even in recent years of other less strong and lesser prepared countries. 

If in this larger historical context the Iranians would have insisted they need just for deterrence the same kinds of weapons possessed by their super-armed and demonstrably aggressive enemies — most especially the U.S. and Israel — they would hardly have been irrational.